Datac Unit Acquires Realflex

Dec. 28, 2000

DATAC companies are launching a new range of products for seamless migration of existing RealFlex systems to the Microsoft Windows environment. Flex.Win is an application that allows the seamless migration of RealFlex data to Microsoft Windows. It converts the existing RealFlex system without any human intervention.

"As we move quickly to integrate our two businesses, our number one priority is to improve customer service and expand the range of products," said Cyril Kerr, chairman and chief executive officer. As of September 1, the RealFlex business is trading as Datac Technologies, Ltd., headquartered in Houston.

The acquisition is expected to generate new business opportunities and build on existing synergies with the Datac companies. Datac expects the transaction to produce a broad range of benefits for RealFlex customers including improved quality, accessibility, development and support.

(Source: Datac Technologies, Ltd.)

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