Upgrades Start on Wastewater System

Oct. 9, 2007

Since the first wave of capital improvement money rolled in, the city of New Iberia has given the green light for upgrades to the wastewater system to begin. The $1.2 million Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation Project for sewer shed basin D is being funded through a state capital improvement grant along with matching money from the city’s wastewater fund.

Mayor Hilda Curry said that obtaining state money for sewer projects is always her top priority because the city is under a consent decree.

“Completion of this project is vital to meeting the mandates of the consent decree with the United States Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency,” she said.

The scheduled repairs are designed to reduce leaks that allow wastewater out of and rainwater into the system and ultimately increase the sewage flow of the collection system.

Curry said that the rehabilitation also should reduce pumping costs to the city and reduce surcharging of the collection system during rain events.

According to a press release describing the project, rehabilitation will include the installation of closed circuit televisions that will allow workers to perform 360 degree inspections of sewer lines and provide repairs to existing sewer main line points, sewer manholes and the installation of cured-in-place lining to the sewer’s main pipe.

Source: The Daily Iberian; New Iberia, LA