City of Cheyenne Receives EPA Award for Upgrade to Water Treatment Process

Aug. 29, 2007

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) presented a Performance and Innovation in the State Revolving Fund Creating Environmental Success (PISCES) Award to the City of Cheyenne for renovating and upgrading its water reclamation facilities to improve Wyoming's water quality.

"The Intermountain West continues to face drought conditions, and Cheyenne's water reclamation efforts serve as a model to conserve and reuse one of our most valuable resources," said EPA Region 8 Administrator Robert E. Roberts. "Cheyenne deserves this recognition for its efforts to reclaim and re-use treated water for irrigation on golf courses, ball fields, greenways and other irrigable areas throughout the community."

Cheyenne used Clean Water State Revolving Funds to renovate and upgrade its water reclamation facilities, allowing the reclaimed water to be used for land application and extending the life of the city's water treatment facility. The reclaimed water now meets Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality standards for land application to irrigate green spaces in the community. This will not only conserve valuable water, but will extend the life of the recently constructed water treatment plant.

Cheyenne was awarded $40 million in Clean Water State Revolving Fund low interest loans to help finance this project. This is the largest funded Wyoming Clean Water State Revolving fund project for the least populated state.

The State Revolving Fund programs, authorized and funded by the Clean Water Act, allow states to provide low interest loans to wastewater systems to assist them in meeting wastewater infrastructure needs. The states then use these monies to select projects for funding.

Source: EPA