New Services Available for Global Beverage Industry

Aug. 15, 2007

Laboratorio Dr. Oliver Rodés, Spain’s premier water testing laboratory for over 100 years, has signed an agreement with NSF International making LDOR an official NSF laboratory partner.

Going forward, NSF customers may elect to have their bottled water and beverage products tested against European Union requirements by LDOR. The LDOR / NSF partnership will allow bottled water and beverage companies to test and certify bottled water and beverage products against European Union requirements. Ultimately, the partnership will save companies time and money due to LDOR’s central location in Barcelona, Spain.

“The LDOR relationship will streamline the certification process for bottlers across the European region,” said Koen Bontinck, vice president, NSF International Operations. “Not only will the NSF Certification Mark differentiate a bottler’s product in the marketplace, but it will also indicate that their products meet rigorous European safety and quality requirements.”

Available immediately, LDOR and NSF will offer testing against European requirements for bottled waters and natural mineral waters for chemical, microbiological, and radiological aspects.

Source: NSF International
Laboratorio Dr. Oliver Rodés