USAID Opens Water Treatment Plants in Lebanon

Aug. 6, 2007

USAID opened five water treatments plants in Haytoura, Ayshiyyeh, Ghobbatieh/Benwati, Wadi Jezzine and Snayyah in Jezzine District, in South Lebanon.

The plants were built through a collaborative effort between USAID and the area communities. The new plants serve about 6,000 people in the area.

According to the The Daily Star, USAID provided over $500,000 to build the plants and also to train staff in the area on operation and upkeep.

The land was supplied by municipalities, which installed most of the sewage networks. The YMCA also worked with USAID to finish the projects.

The Daily Star reports that the plants are among nine being built in the area to provide clean water and sewage systems to 27,000.

Source: USAID