N.C. Family Drinks Wastewater for Months

July 27, 2007

A family in Cary, N.C. is worried about their health after spending five months drinking reclaimed water that was intended for watering the lawn.

According to Earthtimes.com, Vinay Jain, along with his wife and children, live in an area west of Raleigh, N.C., where the municipality provides drinking water inside the house and reclaimed water outside for lawns and washing cars. Jain did report that the water tasted bitter from the start.

Recently there was a problem with the reclaimed water system, resulting in the Jain house having no water, while others did not have sprinkler water. At this time, Public Works officials realized the error. No other houses had the same issue.

Earthtimes.com reports that Cary health officials claim that a person would need to drink 12 gallons of reclaimed water in one sitting to get an infectious dose of coliform bacteria.

Source: Earthtimes.com