China Gets New Water Treatment System for Olympics

July 20, 2007

Beijing drainage experts have reported that the water supplied to China’s Olympic Village will go through an extremely stringent procedure, possibly among the strongest in the world.

Wang Hongchen, chief engineer of the Qinghe Water Reclamation Plant, told China Daily that the water reclamation system will be more advanced than those used in previous games.

60,000 tons of recycled water would be supplied per day from the plant for the lake in the Olympic Park.

In addition, a second water treatment plant will be opened in the village to supply additional water. This water is reported to be as clean as if were from a tap.

The Olympic city comprises 550 km of sewers and uses special detectors and robots to keep track of pollutants in its sewerage system.

Currently, the nine sewage plant and five reclamation plants in Beijing treat more than two million tons of waste produced by factories and residents each day.

Source: China Daily

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Photos by Jennifer Bakker/Jenns Breathtaking Moments.