California Beach Unfit for Swimmers After Sewage Spill

July 13, 2007

Los Angeles County health officials have warned swimmers about entering the water at Cabrillo Beach due to a 10,000 gallon sewage spill. Daily Breeze reports that warning signs will remain posted until test results have returned to normal.

The Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation received a report on Tuesday about a sewer line backup. Lauren Skinner, a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Works, told Daily Breeze that the spill is currently being blamed on oils and fats that can congeal on the line and create a blockage.

Workers stopped the flow in an hour, and signs were posted soon after. The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and a nearby picnic area remained open.

This spill occurred just after the Port of Los Angeles finished replacing a huge amounts of sand at Cabrillo beach, which has continually suffered from high bacteria levels and poor circulation.

Source: Daily Breeze