Ireland Will Miss Deadline for Restoring Water Supplies

June 14, 2007

The Galway City Council has said that the city will miss its first deadline set to restore normal water supplies after a recent cryptosporidium outbreak. In addition, reports that EPA figures showed that nearly one third of the rivers and ground water in Ireland is polluted.

June 15 was the date set by the council for the city and country to receive a fresh supply of water from the Luimnagh water treatment plant, but Ciaran Hayes, the council’s director of services, reports that the deadline will be missed by several weeks.

A large portion of Galway County has had a “boil water” alert since the middle of March. The notice was announced after dozens of people were affected by crypto. 250 people have reported an illness from the water. The contaminated water had been coming from the Terryland treatment, which was supposed to be decommissioned, but can not due to the delay from Luimnagh.