Theis Conference Accepting Applications

May 30, 2007

The Theis Conference is now accepting applications for its 2007 program in Park City, Utah, September 28-October 1, 2007, at which participants will explore the conference’s topic, “Conjunctive Management of Ground Water and Surface Water: Application of Science to Policy.”

Presented by the National Ground Water Association and its membership division, the Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers, the conference will accept only 70 applications. The conference is designed to stimulate and enhance individual and collaborative research, as well as to accelerate the advancement of the hydrologic sciences.

The conference is designed to attract ground water scientists, engineers, attorneys, and other professionals interested in the conjunctive management of ground water and surface water. The intent is that attendees will represent a wide variety of stakeholder groups including academic/research organizations, government agencies and policymakers, the public, ground water consultants, and the legal profession.

The 2007 conference features highly interactive discussion sessions along six major themes:

  • The science of pumping impacts on streams—stream depletion;
  • Conflict between doctrine of prior appropriation and conjunctive use;
  • Economic benefits of conjunctive use;
  • Water quality challenges of conjunctive use;
  • Conflict resolution—augmentation, state purchase of pumping, and other potential solutions; and
  • Ecological impacts of stream depletion.

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Source: NGWA