Degremont, S.A. Announces Creation of Degremont Technologies

Feb. 28, 2007

Paris, February 2007 -- Degremont, S.A., the global water treatment specialist and wholly owned subsidiary of SUEZ Environment, today announced the unification of its eight North American and European brands under the newly formed Degremont Technologies (SUEZ) umbrella.

The companies -- which include Ozonia North America and Infilco Degremont in the United States, Anderson Water Systems and Degremont Ltd. in Canada, and Aquasource, Innoplana, Ozonia, Schreiber Technology and Triogen in Europe and Asia -- all have assumed the Degremont Technologies (SUEZ) name. Each operating unit will continue to serve its own customers while working together to offer a broader assortment of technologies and services.

Source: Degremont