SCWG Grant Program Deadline Extended

Jan. 8, 2007

The due date to submit applications for the Small Community Wastewater Grant (SCWG) Program to the Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Water Board) Grant Coordinator is being extended to March 23, 2007. The previous deadline had been scheduled for January 5, 2007.

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) will be amending the Statewide Competitive Project List (CPL) for the SCWG Program. Approximately $21 million dollars in grant funding is available for small community wastewater projects that are eligible according to requirements in the Small Community Wastewater Grant Program Guidelines (Guidelines), adopted June 17, 2004. Small communities interested in pursuing this funding opportunity should review the Guidelines and contact their local Regional Water Board Grant Coordinator.

Under the SCWG Program, eligible small communities include towns, cities, sewer districts, Indian tribes, and/or other public bodies with a population of 20,000 persons or less, or a reasonably isolated and divisible segment of a larger municipality encompassing 20,000 persons or less, and with an annual Median Household Income (MHI) of $37,994 (80% of the statewide MHI) or less, as determined by the 2000 U.S Census Bureau. The community must have jurisdiction over the disposal of sewage and be subject to permitting by a Regional Water Board. Second home communities are not eligible for this funding. Second home communities are defined as those where less than 50 percent of the dwellings or dwelling units are occupied by permanent residents.

To be considered for placement on the Statewide CPL, applicants must first contact their local Regional Water Board Grant Coordinator and request to be placed on the Regional Water Board's CPL for the region. The State Water Board will develop the Statewide CPL by consolidating the lists from each of the nine Regional Water Board's in the state. Here are the specific steps to follow:

  1. Contact the Grant Coordinator in your area to request placement of your project on the Regional Water Board's CPL. Contact information for Grant Coordinators can be found at
  2. You must submit a complete Initial Scope of Work Form (attached) to the Grant Coordinator, including all supporting documentation. The information requested on this form is required to determine eligibility and classification of your project for placement on the Regional Water Board's CPL. This form is available by request or on the internet at:
  3. Each Regional Water Board will compile and submit their respective CPL to the State Water Board staff.
  4. State Water Board staff will utilize the Regional Water Board CPL's to develop a draft Statewide CPL to be considered for adoption by the State Water Board. Because the statewide need for assistance far exceeds the limited funding available, all the proposed projects may not be included in the eligible portion of the draft Statewide CPL.
  5. If the Statewide CPL is approved by the State Water Board, we will inform eligible applicants of their placement on the Statewide CPL and they will be invited to compete for available SCWG funding.

Additional Program Information:

Under the current funding cycle, a total of $21 million dollars is available statewide. The maximum funding for each project is $2 million dollars. Projects may be eligible to receive a combination design and construction grant commitment subject to expiration of the construction commitment if "notice-to-proceed" with construction of the project is not issued within 18 months from the date of commitment. Examples of projects eligible to be considered for funding under this program include the following:

  • Wastewater treatment plant or collection system projects required to alleviate existing or potential public health hazards;
  • Projects required to alleviate potential or existing water pollution problems involving domestic wastewater;
  • Projects to install or replace sewer systems in communities that lack adequate sewers; and
  • Projects to assist communities with population growth pressures, through redesign and expansion of existing collection and treatment systems.

The SCWG Program Guidelines for the implementation of the SCWG Program, as-well-as other pertinent forms of information, are posted on the State Water Board website, SCWG Program webpage at . Please refer to the Guidelines for specific information concerning program procedures and requirements.

Source: State Water Resoucre Control Board

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