Heavy Rainfalls Cause Wastewater Spills in North Carolina

Nov. 27, 2006

After heavy rainfalls, the city of Dunn reported three separate wastewater spills. Approximately 2,400 gallons of untreated sewage was dumped into nearby waterways per minute.

The discharge of untreated water added to the almost two million gallons of water and waste that overflowed from the city’s sewer system over the past two years. The frequent spills and overflows have frustrated city workers and the North Carolina Division of Water Quality.

According to the Dunn Daily Record, the two trouble areas are the east side pumping station near N.C. 55 and the BR8 manhole located behind the water treatment plant.

Manhole BR8 dumped 1,164 gallons a minute, while the pump station spilled 1,217 gallons a minute. Water from the manhole runs off into the Black River, while the pump station affects water feeding into the Mingo Swamp.

Billy Addison, Dunn’s interim public works director, told the Dunn Daily Record that city officials have worked hard to stop sewage from overflowing into the street.

This year 1.7 million gallons of untreated wastewater have overflowed in the city, which is less than the 14 million spilled in 2004. However, the North Carolina Division of Water Quality feels that no level of sewage spillage should be tolerated.

According to Addison, the city has spent over $2 million to fix the inflow and infiltration problems. The department would like to start a $3 million project to add a basin to catch the wastewater, but funding has been a problem.

Source: Dunn Daily Record

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