EPA Expands Water Contaminant Information Tool

Dec. 8, 2006

EPA has expanded the Water Contaminant Information Tool (WCIT) to assist water utilities, public health officials and federal, state and local agencies to better plan for and respond to intentional or accidental contamination events. Launched in November 2005, WCIT is a secure, online database profiling chemical, biological and radiological contaminants of concern for drinking water and wastewater utilities.

WCIT includes both regulated and non-regulated contaminants and provides current, reliable data from peer-reviewed reports and research. The system includes general information for 93 contaminants and now includes additional information in four new data categories: drinking water treatment; wastewater treatment; environmental impacts; and infrastructure decontamination.

Access to WCIT data is password protected, and qualified individuals must apply to EPA and undergo screening before being granted access. Currently, drinking water and wastewater utilities, state drinking water primacy agencies and laboratories, drinking water and wastewater associations partnering with EPA, state and local public health officials, and federal officials (including government laboratory personnel) are eligible for access.

Source: EPA