Pacific Ozone Technology Launches Element Ozone, Light Commercial & Consumer Ozone Products

Nov. 17, 2006

Pacific Ozone Technology, a leading supplier of ozone systems to industry, announced it is launching Element Ozone, a sister company supplying ozone technology for light commercial and consumer applications.

Pacific Ozone Technology provides engineered ozone application solutions to the municipal water, agriculture and food processing, bottled water, industrial process and environmental industries, among others. Ozone, the world’s most powerful commercial disinfectant, quickly oxidizes contaminants and destroys bacteria and viruses, decomposing to natural oxygen in the process.

The revolutionary counter-top ozone product from Element Ozone engineers the power of industrial ozone systems into a simple and compact package that puts industrial-strength disinfection and sanitation technology in the hands of food service operators. Restaurant operators and consumers will now have access to a more effective technology to fight Salmonella and E. coli and other foodborne illnesses onsite, protecting their customers and limiting the risk of contamination.

The Element FS2180 counter-top ozone generator produces ozonated water for the following purposes: disinfecting foods, sanitizing food surface areas and equipment to prevent cross contamination, and convenient hand washing.

After exhibiting at the 2006 National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago, Jeremy Ke, operations manager for Element Ozone, reported that “because of the increased liability food service companies have, the industry is ready to embrace ozone as an antimicrobial agent. Ozone provides organizations with an additional, more effective barrier against contamination. In addition, it is natural, safe, renewable and produces no undesirable by-products.”

Element Ozone plans to release a residential model in January 2007, providing the same sanitizing power for home kitchen use.

“With the heightened awareness of foodborne illness in America today, Pacific Ozone Technology and Element Ozone are proud to offer this revolutionary solution,” Ke said. “We anticipate great success with the Element Ozone products because we believe they will make a positive difference in people’s lives across the country.”

Source: Pacific Ozone Technology