Siemens Water Technologies Focuses On Innovations For Water Reuse And Wastewater Treatment

Oct. 24, 2006

“Water reuse is on the rise as global demand for the world’s freshwater supplies increases. By recycling and reusing treated wastewater, communities and industries can save on the costs of clean water, ensure adequate supplies, and help to preserve a diminishing natural resource,” said Chuck Gordon, executive vice president of Siemens Water Technologies, at a breakfast meeting with water trade editors during the 79th annual Water Environment Federation WEFTEC conference in Dallas on October 24.

The increase in water reuse has been driven largely by innovative treatment technologies that are both cost effective and reliable in removing harmful bacteria and pathogens. “Siemens is in prime position in the U.S. and globally to capitalize on the investments in new technologies-particularly wastewater reuse and recycle,” Gordon explained.

Siemens Water Technologies has seen a steady increase in the demand for its water reuse technologies, especially its Memcor membrane products. Siemens estimates demand for new water technologies will double the size of the wastewater reuse and recycle industry, estimated at $40 billion, in the next 8 to 10 years.

In the last 12 months, Siemens Water Technologies has expanded its global operation and made key technology partnerships to continue the expansion of its business into key international markets. “Through recent regional acquisitions in Italy and China and technology partnerships, Siemens Water Technologies continues to expand its regional global presence and technical capabilities to the municipal and industrial water market,” Gordon said.

Source: Siemens Water Technologies