Doe Falls Into Wastewater Pond

Sept. 27, 2006

City wastewater treatment operators in Nacogdoches, Texas, found a young doe that had fallen into a treatment unit and was unable to escape.

Water Utilities Manager Russell Grubbs told the Daily Sentinel that the doe had probably been in the pond for several hours.

When the animal control officers arrived on the scene, Grubbs opted not to use a tranquilizer gun, for fear that the doe would drown. Instead, the workers trapped the doe into an area where a rope could be put around her neck.

The doe was pulled out of the water and released unharmed.

The actual unit where the doe had fallen was not currently in use. If it had been, the water wouldn’t have had enough buoyancy to allow the animal to swim.

Source: The Daily Sentinel

Photo 19983400 © Marcnorman |
Photos by Jennifer Bakker/Jenns Breathtaking Moments.