Ketrick Selected As Water Technologist of the Year

Oct. 5, 2006

Bruce Ketrick, Sr., CWT President of Guardian CCS, received the prestigious Ray Baum Memorial Water Technologist of the Year Award during the Association of Water Technologies’ 2006 Water Technologies Convention and Exposition in Charlotte, N.C.

The award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and contributions to the field of water treatment and particularly for service to the AWT and its members. Ketrick has been a long time friend of AWT through his activity with the Education Committee and serving on the Board of Directors. His tireless efforts and work led to the development of AWT’s Technical Training Seminars.

During his career, Ketrick authored numerous papers and articles on the subject of water treatment and made multiple presentations at AWT seminars.

Past recipients of this award include: D.C. “Chuck” Brandvold, Robert R. Cavano, Ronald Knestaut, Dennis Clayton, E.J. Caruso, John J. Baum, Jessie Jefferies, Brent Chettle, Dr. Janet E. Stout, Dr. Arthur J. Freedman, Dr. Bennett P. Boffardi, Dr. Zahid Amjad, Richard Blake, Colin Frayne, and William E. Pearson.

AWT is an international trade association representing nearly 500 regional companies that specialize in industrial and commercial water treatment for heating and cooling systems (boilers, cooling towers, etc). These companies may also specialize in wastewater treatment, potable water treatment, and other industry segments.

Source: AWT