Tri Palm International Establishes New Direct Sales Force

Sept. 29, 2006

In an effort to better serve its customers, Tri Palm International will be transitioning from a team of external manufacturer’s representatives to an internal sales force to sell their bottled water cooler and point-of-use water cooler lines.

This new direct sales team will be made up of experienced industry veterans. The team will be led by John Host, who has over 20 years of experience selling OASIS water coolers to the bottled water and point-of-use industries. Perry Rowley, who has worked with and sold OASIS coolers for over 10 years, will work as a member of John’s team, along with other team members to be named shortly. Mike Zicarelli, regional sales manager, will also continue to service his current OASIS customers during this transition period.

“We are excited to move to a direct sales team that will give our customers a more direct line of contact with our company,” said Tri Palm International VP of Sales Brad Hillam. The new sales team members will be contacting OASIS customers shortly to introduce themselves within their respective regions.

“We look forward to giving our customers the highest level of service that will be provided by our new direct sales team,” Hillam said. The new sales team structure will be in place as of the beginning of November.

Source: Tri Palm International