Delphos, Ohio, WWTP Opens Enviroquip’s Largest Membrane Bioreactor System in North America

Oct. 26, 2006

Using the concept of biohydraulics, Enviroquip has provided the city of Delphos, Ohio, with a state-of-the-art membrane bioreactor system. The team that helped make this project a success included the city of Delphos, Floyd Browne Group and CT Consultants.

“This new facility puts the city ahead of most other communities in terms of new regulations that we know are coming down from the EPA,” Safety Service Director Greg Berquist said. “Luckily, we were on the front end of the wave with the EPA.”

Mayor Jerry Neumeier is excited about being able to offer a facility that can accommodate just about anything at it to prospective new industries. “Right now, the new plant can handle more waste than Delphos is producing,” he said.

Delphos Ohio City Council President Robert Ulm said, “Our decision to use Kubota Membrane technology for our wastewater treatment was based on the need to have a system which could easily adapt to considerable fluctuations in our plant intake depending on industrial activity and midwestern thunderstorms, which can often deposit several inches or rain in a short period of time on our relatively flat terrain.”

Ulm added, “We also needed technology which could more than adequately deal with the demands of our partially combined storm and sanitary sewer system and the plethora of environmental waterway protection regulations. Our community was facing reality of reoccurring EPA violation fines and faced the prospect of continued regulation violations without a major plant upgrade. The ability provided with Enviroquip’s Kubota membrane technology to expand our waste handling capabilities is crucial in our efforts to develop our community and area.”

According to Ulm, The new plant, placed into service in September 2006, will contribute to an upgraded utility infrastructure that will position the city well for economic development and growth.

System Highlights:

  • Eviroquip MBR System
  • Total project cost $37M with solids handling
  • System constructed in 20 months
  • Process & Membrane Warranty by Enviroquip

Basis of Design:

  • AAF = 3.8 mgd
  • MMF = 6.0 mgd
  • PDF = 12.0 mgd
  • 382/282/30 BOD5 /TSS/NH3 mg/L
  • Minimum Temperature = 10° C

Source: Enviroquip