GE Honors Earth Rangers With Water Recycling Award

Oct. 5, 2006

GE presented the Earth Rangers with a 2006 global ecomagination Leadership Award for setting an example of how advanced wastewater treatment technology can reduce demand on potable water supplies and preserve environmental health.

Fewer than one percent of GE’s clients qualify to receive the ecomagination award, and Earth Rangers is only the second in Canada to receive the award from GE Water & Process Technologies this year.

Earth Rangers founder Robert Schad and members of his staff accepted the award during a ceremony at the LEED-gold certified Earth Rangers Centre. Schad, also the founder and majority shareholder of Husky Injection Molding Systems, established Earth Rangers in 1999 to offer educational programs to inspire children to strive for a better future and a healthier environment.

In addition to water recycling, the Earth Rangers Centre is a showcase of sustainable technologies such as geothermal heating and cooling, energy-efficient lighting, and solar power that make it one of the most energy-efficient buildings in Canada.

“It is wonderful to be recognized by GE ecomagination for our efforts to be on the leading edge of sustainable technologies,” said Schad. “We are determined to use practical solutions to environmental problems. The Earth Rangers facility is a testament to that. This centre provides a model that we hope will inspire other organizations to act responsibly.”

Steve Watzeck, president of ZENON Membrane Solutions, co-presented the award with Lorraine Bolsinger, GE’s vice president of ecomagination.

The Earth Rangers Centre has an onsite, advanced membrane bioreactor system which enables the centre to collect grey and black water from sinks and toilets, treat up to 9,850 litres daily to near-drinking-water quality, and reuse the treated effluent as flush water and for irrigating the buildings green roof and landscape features.

Source: GE Water & Process Technologies