Fogg Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Sept. 6, 2006

Fogg is celebrating 50 years of business in the filling industry. Fogg was founded in 1956 by Clyde Fogg. He started by making filling valves in his garage in Holland, Mich. His innovative ways of thinking and unique designs changed the filling industry forever. Often times, customers would love his designs so much that they would come to Fogg for solutions in all areas of the plant.

As Fogg grew, the company went from the garage to a manufacturing facility and from filling valves to entire filling systems. Some of the innovations that Fogg has patented over the years are: VentraFlow valves; Clip N Go valves; TriLine valves, Extended CIP valves; Extreme Clean technology; Microbloc technology; and UV Sterilization systems.

Fogg still maintains its strong family business atmosphere despite pressure to change into a publicly owned company. Clyde has since passed away, and the company is now under ownership by Clyde’s son, Mike Fogg. Mike is very involved with Fogg and strives to continue to grow and seek out new challenges to ensure Fogg’s success in a global market today and for the next 50 years. Fogg’s goal is to combine skilled craftsmanship with innovative design to offer their customers quality solutions to their specific filling needs.

Source: Fogg