Neptune Named Supplier for Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority

Sept. 8, 2006

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority has reached an agreement with Neptune and Neptune’s distributor, Sunstate Meter & Supply, Inc., to use Neptune’s ARB Utility Management Systems to read its 44,000 meters.

All meters in the Florida Keys, the 130-mile-long chain of islands stretching from Florida City to Key West, will be replaced or retrofitted with Neptune’s T-10 meters and pit version E-Coder 900i registers. Data from the meters will be read with a combination of Neptune’s mobile, handheld and fixed network data collectors.

The first phase will begin with the replacement/retrofitting of approximately 23,000 meters in Ocean Reef and Key West.

According to Carl Brewster, director of information technology, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, “We feel very confident with the team and product selected for this project, and anticipate seeing more detailed, accurate and timely information. We believe this effort will allow us to be more responsive to our customers. This project will also allow us to address such difficult issues as staffing and vehicle expenses.”

“The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority has a unique mixture of traditional and hard-to-read settings for its meters,” said Chuck DiLaura, president of Neptune Technology Group. “The Authority’s decision to implement Neptune Technology speaks highly of our ability to customize our system to meet a variety of needs for our customers.”

Monthly data collection for the authority will be accomplished using mobile data collectors where possible, CE-based handhelds with RF receivers in areas requiring onsite data collection and targeted fixed network data collectors in select settings.

Thielsch Engineering Water Management Services will provide all installation and retrofit services.

Source: Neptune

Image by Burnham RNG, courtesy twentytwo & brand.