Aquatech Awarded Order from WEB Aruba

Aug. 31, 2006

Aquatech International Corp. recently received an order from Aruba’s Water-En Energiebedrijf (WEB) for 14 Remineralization Calcite Filters that will follow the existing Multi Stage Flash desalination equipment that was also supplied by Aquatech’s Industrial Concentration and Desalination division based in Milwaukee.

The Calcite Filters will add mineral salts to the desalinated water, thus making it suitable for human consumption. Existing old barns will be replaced, which used endangered coral rocks as a calcium-enriching media in gravity flow configuration and were difficult to clean. The new pressure filters use graded calcite media to enable the backwash and cleaning cycles, resulting in improved water hygiene. The filters are due to be in place and operating by June 2007.

Source: Aquatech