Town’s New Law Aims to Prevent Flooding and Pollution

Aug. 4, 2006

Sparta, N.J., has adopted a new law that is aimed at preventing flooding and pollution that can result after heavy rains or a snow melt.

The law will have an affect on development projects that include over one acre of land. This includes home and commercial sites, driveways, roads and subdivisions.

The ordinance was adopted in an effort to comply with a state requirement that requires municipalities to develop storm water management programs. The new law will reduce non-point source pollution and encourage the reuse of groundwater.

The new regulations are expect to cause an increase in building costs, but the actual amount will depend on the construction site. The fees for excavation will also depend on how much of the environment will be disturbed. Builders might need to install filtration chambers or catch basins. Before a construction project can even begin, engineers will have to take the extra time to create site plans that have controls to prevent pollutants from getting to storm water.

The township received two $12,000 grants from the state in order to implement the new storm water management requirements. Municipal Engineer Charles Ryan told The Sparta Independent that the funds were used to buy new sewer grates, sweep and clean drainage basins, mark catch basins, and identify no-dumping areas.

Source: The Sparta Independent