Panasonic, Cingular Introduce Toughbooks with Wireless Access at Broadband Speeds

Aug. 9, 2006

Panasonic Computer Solutions Co. and Cingular Wireless introduced the Panasonic Toughbook CF-29, the first Toughbook with Cingular’s 3G BroadbandConnect service built in. Using the Toughbook CF-29, field technicians and mobile professionals in the utilities industry can wirelessly access critical information at broadband speeds when in UMTS/HSDPA-based BroadbandConnect coverage areas. The Toughbook 29 provides seamless, high-speed EDGE network coverage outside of those areas.

UMTS/HSDPA is the global standard and natural 3G evolutionary path for Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) providers with UMTS services already offered by 95 commercial networks in 45 countries, and an additional 67 networks in deployment, planned or licensed. GSM is the world’s most popular wireless technology, which is used by more than 2 billion people in 210 countries.

Now, users of rugged Toughbook computers—including the only fully rugged convertible tablet, the CF-18—will have the option for mobile broadband access in more than 60 BroadbandConnect cities, and seamless, high-speed EDGE network coverage in 13,000 additional cities and towns in the U.S. outside those areas. HSDPA/UMTS-certified Toughbooks will also have global wireless data capabilities with access to EDGE or GPRS data service in more than 100 countries.

Source: Panasonic