Australian Town Considers Drinking Recycled Sewage

July 26, 2006

Residents of Toowoomba, in the state of Queensland, Australia, are debating whether or not they should drink recycled sewage water to help remedy a serious drought problem. The town has had water restrictions for a decade.

Mayor Dianne Thorley told News 24 that she is in favor of the proposal to drink water from recycled sewage. The rest of the town is concerned about the safety of the treated water.

If the proposal is approved, then the wastewater would run through seven cleansing and treatment processes, including ultraviolet disinfection and advanced oxidation, before being pumped into the town’s dam. The water would remain in the reservoir for three years for testing before being sent through the town’s water treatment plant.

Microbiologist Megan Hargreaves told News 24 that the water is safe, but the town is not convinced.

Source: News 24