ProCare Partners with Inlet AS

July 18, 2006

ProCare Water Treatment Inc. of Canada has finalized an exclusive distributorship agreement with Inlet AS to promote and supply Norway, Denmark and Sweden with Legionella control water treatment technology for healthcare facilities, nursing homes, hotels and cruise ships.

Inlet has agreed to partner with, and undertake technology training for, the Canadian manufacturing company that specializes in Legionella control and prevention water treatment technology.

Inlet's primary mandate in Scandinavia will be to develop long term strategic relations within the industry, sales and distribution, training, installations, quality control assurance, on-going local technology support and monitoring.

"Many facility operators and owners have difficulty respecting environmental guidelines and laws when dealing with Legionella bacteria. Logistically and financially, traditional water treatment techniques such as chlorine dosing or thermal shocking offer marginal short term results and are not cost effective." said Stein Ove Gordner, general manager of Inlet in Norway. "What industry requires is this long term and affordable solution that delivers safe water while eliminating unnecessary exposure and labor costs. ProCare Water Treatment Inc. has uniquely proven this to be possible and is the reason why we have chosen them to proceed with their technology and strategic partnership."

The technology is based on the ionization process of pure elemental copper and silver into a water distribution system. Safe and harmless to humans, the modern version of the technology is widely recognized by health authorities around the world as part of an overall Legionella control and prevention program.

ProCare Water Treatment Inc. has additional strategic business partnership in the United States and most of Europe.

Legionnaires' disease is a type of pneumonia that can occur when water droplets contaminated with Legionella bacteria are inhaled by a susceptible host. The elderly and people with weakened immune systems are prone to infections when exposed to the bacteria. Although it is widely under-diagnosed, as much as 43% of known reported cases succumb to the infection.

Source: ProCare Water Treatment

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