Brockton, Ontario, Awards Partnership for Water and Wastewater Treatment Services

July 12, 2006

The municipality of Brockton, Ontario, and Veolia Water Canada announced a partnership that will unify water and wastewater services under a common contract that emphasizes safety, reliability and environmental responsibility. Veolia Water will operate three drinking water systems and one wastewater plant that serve approximately 10,000 residents in southwestern Ontario.

Veolia Water’s presence in Brockton marks the 22nd Canadian community served in the company’s nearly 30-year operational history. Veolia Water will manage, operate and maintain the municipality’s water and wastewater systems including a 1.98-mgd wastewater plant, three water treatment plants of 1.98 mgd, 0.019 mgd and 0.012 mgd capacities and related collection and distribution systems under a five-year contract.

“We are looking forward to a partnership with Veolia Water. Our confidence has been bolstered by the numerous positive references from communities that have had lengthy, successful relations with Veolia Water. We are anticipating safe, clean, affordable water from a world-class operator with a great track record,” said Brockton Mayor Charlie Bagnato.

The Municipality of Brockton includes the former Township of Brant, Township of Greenock and the Town of Walkerton. Working together, the municipality and Veolia Water will embrace a top-down approach to safety, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

“We all understand what Walkerton experienced several years ago with its drinking water system, and as such, we are extremely mindful of the significance of our responsibilities,” said John Wood, president of Veolia Water North America - Central. “We thank Brockton for entrusting us with its water services. Residents will benefit from our healthy mix of local experience and global expertise.”

Water and wastewater operations transitioned June 28 without interruption of service to Brockton residents. Billing cycles and processes will remain consistent with the community’s current practices.

Source: Veolia Water Canada

Image by Burnham RNG, courtesy twentytwo & brand.