Siemens Still On Top in U.S. and Global Patents

July 14, 2006

The Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) ranked Siemens ninth on its list of top U.S. patent owners in 2005. Siemens was granted 1,345 U.S. patents last year in areas such as water, automation, healthcare, transportation, energy, and business technologies.

Globally, Siemens was the third largest applicant in 2005 for "international patent applications" via the PCT filing system of the World International Patent Organization (WIPO). In addition to the WIPO ranking, the European Patent Office (EPO) also ranked Siemens as Germany's largest patent applicant, and Europe's second largest patent applicant for 2005.

"Siemens' success depends on the creativity of our people and the resources we give them to pursue innovations that improve the way we live and work," said George Nolen, president and CEO of Siemens Corporation in the U.S. "With more than $900 million and 7,000 engineers and scientists dedicated to R&D in the U.S. alone, Siemens is able to grow its stable of protected intellectual property, resulting in meaningful infrastructure advancements for the U.S. and continuous organic revenue growth for Siemens."

One of the patents awarded last year was for a new method of treating wastewater, which was awarded to USFilter, Siemens’ water technology company. The method will help reduce the amount of chemicals needed to treat and clean wastewater and will lower the operating costs of treatments plants.

Source: Siemens