U.S. and Israeli Water Researches to Collaborate on Four Projects

July 13, 2006

Water researchers from leading institutions in Israel and the U.S. have targeted four projects for collaborative research between the two countries.

Their selection is one outcome of a bi-national workshop held in Washington, DC in mid-March, organized by the U.S. and Israeli national nanotechnology initiatives, and the Center of Advanced Materials for Purification of Water with Systems (WaterCAMPWS) at the University of Illinois. Professor Rafi Semiat, Director of the Grand Water Research Institute at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and a workshop organizer, said that while the group will promote all 12 nanotech-based projects that were outlined in the workshop, special focus is being given to four projects that can provide extraordinary benefits for water purification, and those that have the potential to be applied commercially within the next five years. "Both countries see the target projects not only as very exciting, potential breakthroughs, but also as applied research that can get funded and get commercialized quickly," said Semiat. The target projects focus on distinct nanotechnology- based solutions that were outlined at the bi-national workshop: membranes and membrane processes, biofouling and disinfection, contaminants removal, and environmental monitoring and sensors.

Source: WaterCAMPWS