Olivenhain Municipal Water District’s Employees Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 22, 2006

On June 23, 2006, Olivenhain Municipal Water District (Encinitas, Calif.) will celebrate Pet Sitters International’s 8th Annual Take Your Dog To Work Day. Employees of the district will participate in the Take Your Dog to Work Day not only by bringing their dogs to work, but also by holding a towel/blanket drive for a local shelter. Employees will donate gently used towels and blankets, and a district representative will personally deliver them to the shelter.

District employees have been participating in the Take Your Dog to Work Day for the last five years, and last year the employees donated enough blankets and towels to fill the back of an SUV. There will also be a free lunchtime presentation for employees on dog fear and aggression.

“Pets are true family members in many of today’s homes,” explained Melissa Nickell, district human resources manager. “We realize the importance of pets to many of our employees. We celebrate this day, as it recognizes the importance of the human-animal bond and supports the efforts of our local animal shelters and rescues.”

Pet Sitters International (PSI), the creator of the day, along with sponsors: Modern Dog magazine, Magna Hospitality Group and PETS 911, is asking businesses to allow employees to bring their well-mannered dogs to the office on Take Your Dog to Work Day. The event promotes the benefits of the human-animal bond by facilitating positive interactions between dogless co-workers and their colleagues’ canine companions. However, there is much more to the event than just celebrating man and woman’s best friend.

“Take Your Dog to Work Day is also about confronting the realities of pet overpopulation in a positive and proactive way,” said PSI President Patti Moran. “People bringing their dogs to work in celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day can make a huge difference in pet adoptions around the world.”

Moran’s company, PSI, which represents approximately 7,500 independent professional pet-sitting businesses, said developing partnerships between businesses, animal shelters and pet-care professionals is key to the success of the day. In addition to allowing pets, the educational organization is asking participating businesses to open their doors to shelters, animal rescues and PSI members on June 23.

“All dogs, especially those without loving caregivers, deserve good homes,” Moran said. “By simply working together, we can make a better day for dogs everywhere.”

Source: Olivenhain Municipal Water District