Primo Teams Up With Lowe’s & Whirlpool to Encourage Americans to Drink Water at Home

June 7, 2006

Primo Water Corp., which last year launched America’s first and only national brand of bottled water for water coolers, announced a joint effort with Lowe’s home improvement stores and Whirlpool brand water coolers to help Americans drink more water at home. Primo Water was established last year by Billy Prim, founder of Blue Rhino Corp., the national propane cylinder exchange company that serves customers from 38,000 locations nationwide.

“Home is where parents establish healthier behaviors and habits in their children,” said Billy Prim, president and CEO of Primo Water Corp. “Our goal is to help parents set a good example by encouraging their families to drink more water at home—in essence, quenching America’s thirst with the first, perfect-tasting bottled water for water coolers.”

With more than 1,200 Lowe’s stores across the country, consumers can now find fresh-tasting Primo water in a location convenient to their home or office. And, during the month of June, Primo will provide a free, 5-gal bottle of water with the purchase of a Whirlpool water cooler. Lowe’s is the first retailer to offer Primo water nationally.

“We want to help parents and kids replace sugary drinks with a great-tasting water,” Prim added. “Add to this the fact that Primo comes in returnable, reusable bottles that take no refrigerator space, and you have a product that is also good for the environment.”

In 2005, an independent, Internet-based consumer study involving more than 1,000 adults was conducted and published by Mintel Intl. Group, Ltd. It showed that more than 54% of adults say they buy bottled water to drink at home. The reasons respondents cite is being dissatisfied with the taste and quality of their tap water.

“Bottled water is experiencing growth everywhere,” said Bob Hidell, principal and president, Hidell-Eyster Technical Services, Inc., a recognized expert in the area of product development, strategic market development and distribution logistics, and by Beverage World Magazine Hall of Fame.

“Bottled water tastes better than tap water, and is an efficient and effective thirst quencher. Plus, Americans are tired of ‘sweet.’ As bottled water becomes more convenient, consumers will continue to prefer it for taste and as an alternative to tap.”

Officials from all three companies see the demand for home water coolers and water for those water coolers increasing. Trends indicate that consumers who have grown up on bottled water are likely to pass that preference along to the next generation of consumers, increasing the demand for bottled water over tap water.

Primo officials calculate that one bottle of Primo water may replace more than 3,600 single-serve bottles. Bottled water in the home is more economical than single-serve bottles as well.

Source: Primo Water Corp.