Black & Veatch Global Technology and Practice Leader Earns High Academy Honor

June 1, 2006

James L. Barnard, Ph.D., Pr.Eng., B&V Water’s global technology and practice leader for advanced biological treatment, has been elected as this year’s Honorary Board Certified Environmental Engineer by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. Barnard was honored in recognition of his position of eminence in the environmental engineering field and sustained contributions to the advancement of environmental engineering.

“Dr. Barnard is a credit not only to Black & Veatch but to the entire water industry,” said Dan McCarthy, president and CEO of B&V Water. “His continued breakthroughs in the biological control and removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, commitment to finding cost-effective ways to eliminate nutrient-related problems and desire to share his understanding of BNR issues with the rest of the world have helped him earn this well-deserved honorary diplomat status from an esteemed organization.”

Barnard is internationally recognized for developing the Bardenpho (BARnard DENitrification and PHOsphorus removal) and Phoredox (including AO and A2O) processes, the first and most successful biological nutrient removal (BNR) process configurations on which all others are based. For more than 44 years, his professional contributions have included applied research, project-specific solutions and sharing his extensive understanding of BNR through courses and seminars at universities, institutions and conferences worldwide. Barnard, who introduced BNR to North America many years ago, has designed more than 100 nutrient removal plants and extensions, from South Africa to Canada.

Previous honors accrued by Barnard include a Gold Medal from the South African Academy of Arts and Sciences, Water Environment Federation Thomas R. Camp Award and International Water Association Koch/Imhoff Award.

Source: Black & Veatch