American Biotech Labs Receives EPA Approval for Dental Waterline Disinfectant

May 16, 2006

American Biotech Labs (ABL), a private company of which Clifton Mining Co. owns 24%, has received U.S. EPA approval as a cleaner for dental waterlines. The product, already approved as a disinfectant, is now approved for both initial cleaning and maintenance of dental waterlines.

This EPA approval opens a large new market to the company. The ASAP-AGX-32 product has been used as a disinfectant in medical and dental offices around the country and shown to be both safe and effective. With this approval, the product can now be used to kill not only free-floating bacteria, but also biofilms, one of the most difficult disinfection problems facing the dental and many other industries today. The product also kills odor-causing bacteria. Upon receipt of approval of the amended label, ABL will sell the product as a dental waterline disinfectant.

The CRA Foundation (CRA), a leading independent dental testing lab, has also chosen the product as one of the top dental waterline products. CRA completed a 10-year review of 42 dental water line disinfectant products. Of the 42 products, seven were chosen as the best. Of the seven best products, four were selected by CRA as the best products for independent dental water systems. Of the four best products for independent dental water systems, ABL’s ASAP-AGX-32 was listed as having the lowest operating cost.

Source: Clifton Mining Co.