Nalco Co. Technologies and Enviroquip, Inc. Membrane Systems Provide Improved Wastewater Treatment

May 17, 2006

Nalco Co. announced an exclusive agreement with Enviroquip, Inc. to market Nalco’s PermaCare Membrane Performance Enhancers for municipal membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment plants in the U.S. The combined Nalco/Enviroquip offering will significantly reduce capital and operating expenses for new or existing MBR systems.

MBR technology combines membrane separation processes with biological treatment of wastewater. Its advantages over conventional activated sludge treatment include high quality wastewater effluent that can be recycled, reduced sludge to be disposed of, and a smaller footprint that allows for much smaller plants to treat the same amount of wastewater.

Nalco’s PermaCare membrane performance enhancers are easy-to-use, patented technology that enhance MBR performance by further improving wastewater discharge quality, cutting sludge production, as well as minimizing foaming caused by microbial activity. They also slash capital and operating costs by eliminating the need for excess membrane capacity.

“Enviroquip is a recognized leader in designing and equipping wastewater treatment plants,'” said Mike Phillips, general manager for Nalco’s Integrated Channels Group. “Bringing together Enviroquip MBR systems and Nalco’s PermaCare membrane performance enhancers provides municipalities with unsurpassed wastewater treatment in terms of both quality and cost.”

“In our testing, Nalco’s new PermaCare membrane performance enhancers vastly improve the efficiency of MBR systems,” said Jim Porteous, president of Enviroquip. “We believe our joint offering substantially expands the market for our MBR technology, making it the superior choice for many more municipalities.”

Source: Nalco Co.