MWH Soft Unveils H2OMAP SWMM Designer

May 15, 2006

MWH Soft, a leading global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, announced the worldwide release of H2OMAP SWMM Designer. The new extension is fully integrated with H2OMAP SWMM Suite, meaning for the first time, engineers can quickly and accurately simulate, analyze, design, and optimize large and complex sanitary, storm and combined sewer systems in a single, seamless operation. The sophisticated tool demystifies the complex science of urban drainage modeling, making it an easy and enjoyable task.

Supporting native GIS data as well as the U.S. EPA’s industry-standard (and FEMA-approved) Storm Water Management Model (SWMM5), H2OMAP SWMM Suite integrates the needs of both GIS and wastewater engineering professionals in one complete, affordable package. Distinguished by a compelling combination of cutting-edge GIS functionality and hallmark hydraulic, hydrologic and water quality simulation capabilities, H2OMAP SWMM Suite offers a powerful and comprehensive solution that greatly simplifies and accelerates urban drainage systems modeling, enabling engineers to develop better designs, rehabilitation and improvement alternatives faster and more cost-effectively.

The new Designer extension leverages the power of advanced Genetic Algorithms optimization technology to aid in preventing sewer overflows, a leading cause of water pollution in the nation’s lakes, streams and inland bays. The untreated sewage in these overflows contains microbial pathogens, suspended solids, toxics, nutrients, trash and other impurities that deplete dissolved oxygen and can contaminate our waters, causing serious water quality problems and threatening drinking water supplies, fish and shellfish. This waste can also back up into basements, causing property damage and creating threats to public health.

H2OMAP SWMM Designer automatically selects the most cost-effective solution to flooding and pollution management, using a combination of pipe slope and size, storage, pumping and new piping strategies to eliminate unwanted sewer overflows and achieve targeted system performance requirements. Performance criteria include maximum allowable depth-to-diameter ratio, minimum and maximum pipe velocities, and maximum head loss for force mains. The software gives engineers the ultimate tool for producing the best design and improvement alternatives with minimum effort and maximum cost savings. Its comprehensive capabilities will assist wastewater utilities in planning and designing reliable systems and optimizing their capital improvement programs, leading to healthier communities, cleaner beaches, and fish and shellfish that are safer to eat.

Source: MWH Soft