RJN Group, Inc. to De-Combine Basins in Aurora’s Sewer Infrastructure

April 28, 2006

The city of Aurora, Ill., recently selected RJN Group, Inc. to assist in plans to de-combine basins 5, 6 and 13 of the city’s sewer infrastructure.

The current combined sewer conveys all storm water and sanitary flows through a single conduit with storm catch basins and inlets directly connected to the system. Heavy rainfalls cause the system to back up into residential basements and overflow into the Fox River through permitted combined sewer overflows.

For this project, RJN Group is responsible for field and underground investigations, developing hydraulic computer models for both the existing and the proposed sewer systems, and ascertaining the most cost-effective solutions to the overflow issues. The city’s high priority project began in March 2006.

Source: RJN Group, Inc.