Cardinal Resources Opens Test Facility at Riverwalk Corporate Center

April 19, 2006

Cardinal Resources, LLC announced the opening of its new test facility located at the Riverwalk Corporate Center. Work at this facility will include the physical testing and pilot-scale assembly of components related to the Red Bird System. The Red Bird is a completely self-contained, high-tech, solar-powered water treatment system. In addition, the facility will be used in the design of the Grey Bird System, Cardinal Resources’ low-energy approach to wastewater treatment.

The lack of clean drinking water affects 1.1 billion people and causes the death of a child every six seconds. On the industrial side, our customers are forced to haul water to their operations in areas with a lack of infrastructure at a significant cost per gallon that is only increasing. Cardinal Resources’ solution in the Red Bird, a solar-powered system that produces clean water for fractions of a cent per gallon. This is a high-tech solution designed to function in a low-tech environment.

“This new facility will help Cardinal Resources meet the pent up demand for the Red Bird,” said Kevin Jones, president of Cardinal Resources. “Currently, five of the Red Birds have been pre-sold to existing customers for deployment in Mexico, Arizona and Haiti. The addition of the Grey Bird family of low-energy wastewater systems gives Cardinal Resources a unique capability in the water supply and treatment field.”

Source: Cardinal Resources, LLC