ADS Chosen for Billing Network and Peak Outlet Capacity Monitoring

April 13, 2006

ADS Environmental Services announced the award of two, three-year contracts from Oakland County Drain Commissioner John P. McCulloch. The first, the Clinton-Oakland Contract, is for a 26-monitor billing network. The second is the renewal of the Evergreen-Farmington Contract, a 78-monitor network. The performance of this collection system and the long-term network of flow monitors have been successfully managed by ADS Environmental Services since 1991.

“We, as a team, are dedicated to providing cost-effective, quality-driven solutions, which best meet the needs of the public,” said Brian Bennett, operations engineer of the Oakland County Drain Commissioner’s Office. “After careful consideration of all competing bids, we chose to continue our partnership with ADS, with its 14 years of past performance in Oakland County, the cost-efficiency of their equipment and services, and the accuracy and reliability of their products.”

The new billing network will place 26 ADS FlowShark monitors in key locations to ensure billing accuracy for adjoining communities. Both contracts include field services and data analysis from ADS. Data will be analyzed using Profile 3.0, their newly released desktop software, and reports will be delivered to Oakland County via FlowView Portal, the new ADS web-hosted data delivery system.

ADS Environmental Services was selected for this new billing network following a six-month trial where ADS area velocity monitors were compared with an alternate technology. A large portion of the evaluation criteria for this test was how well the monitors performed during peak flow (wet weather) events. After review, the ADS monitors were found to better represent actual flows during trial period peak flows. This, along with the convenience of a local ADS field office, the relationship Oakland County has shared with ADS for 14 years and the competitive pricing of ADS monitors were instrumental in the award of the contract to ADS.

Source: ADS Environmental Services