EPA Verifies Emerson’s Water Quality Monitoring System

March 23, 2006

Emerson Process Management announced that the performance of the Rosemount Analytical Model WQS water quality monitoring system has been verified by the U.S. EPA Environmental Technology Verification program. The EPA program facilitates the deployment of innovative environmental technologies in the industry through evaluation and verification of product performance and effectiveness.

The Rosemount Analytical Model WQS multiparameter water quality monitoring system was evaluated along with four other water monitors. Not only was the performance of the model WQS verified by the evaluation, but the system required no scheduled operator maintenance during the testing.

The goal of the Environmental Technology Verification program is to further environmental protection by accelerating the acceptance and use of improved and innovative technologies. The program seeks to achieve this goal by providing high quality, peer-reviewed data on technology performance to those involved in the design, distribution, finance, permitting, purchase and use of environmental technologies.

The testing was conducted by Battelle in the advanced monitoring systems center. Battelle evaluated the performance of the Rosemount Analytical Model WQS by continuously measuring free chlorine, temperature, conductivity, pH and oxidation-reduction potential in drinking water. The testing consisted of three stages. Stage one assessed the accuracy of the measurements during nine four-hour periods against laboratory grab samples. Stage two reviewed the response to changes in water quality by injecting contaminants (nicotine, arsenic trioxide and aldicarb) into the pipe loop. Stage three evaluated accuracy during 52 days of continuous operation, followed by duplicate injections of aldicarb and E. coli.

“The EPA's ETV testing program aims to accelerate the use of innovative and cost-effective environmental technologies such as multiparameter water quality monitoring systems for improved safety and quality in drinking water,” said Dr. Ryan James, ETV verification test coordinator, Battelle. “As a participant in ETV testing, the Rosemount Analytical Model WQS was assessed in terms of its accuracy, response to injected contaminants, inter-unit reproducibility, ease of use and data acquisition. The report describing its performance during the test is now available on the ETV website.”

“We’re very pleased with the results of the EPA Environmental Technology Verification program evaluation, both that the performance and accuracy of our Model WQS multiparameter water quality system was verified, and that it required no scheduled maintenance during the testing,” said Richard Baril, director of homeland security products, Rosemount Analytical Liquid Division of Emerson Process Management. “Emerson has always focused on providing real-world analysis solutions that feature long-life, low maintenance and high accuracy, and this study further demonstrates that priority. It’s critical that municipalities continuously monitor water quality throughout the plant, pump stations and distribution network, and the Model WQS provides an accurate and cost-effective way to do that.”

Source: Emerson Process Management

Image by Burnham RNG, courtesy twentytwo & brand.