EANC Selects Engineer of the Year by a Landslide

March 10, 2006

The Engineer's Association of Nevada County (EANC) named Rob Fingerson, a registered civil and geotechnical engineer with Holdrege & Kull, Nevada City, Calif., Engineer of the Year for his recent work on the Cascade Shores Wastewater Treatment Plant and slide mitigation project. Fingerson was honored during the EANC Awards Dinner on March 2 at the Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley.

Following heavy spring rain in May of 2005, a significant landslide destroyed a pipeline that carried wastewater from homes in Cascade Shores to the treatment plant in the Gas Canyon area of Nevada City. Although the treatment facility was not severely damaged at the time, continued instability of the 100-ft tall cliffs above the plant posed a risk to buildings, equipment and workers below.

Holdrege & Kull was retained by the Nevada County Department of Transportation and Sanitation to evaluate the situation and develop a mitigation plan to prevent further damage. A successful engineering solution was designed and managed by Fingerson. The installation of the mitigation measures occurred during the fall of 2005. No additional damage to the treatment plant has occurred, despite the heavy rain this winter.

Source: Holdrege & Kull