Applied's New HiPOx Plus System Meets Utilities' Need for Taste and Odor Control

Feb. 28, 2006

Applied Process Technology, Inc., an industry leader in providing high performance water treatment solutions, announced the availability of HiPOx Plus, a waste-free advanced oxidation process (AOP) that achieves multiple treatment objectives in one system.

“Applied's entrance into the taste and odor (T&O) market sector provides utilities with a very efficient solution for higher quality drinking water,” said Charles Borg, vice president of Business Development at Applied. “The HiPOx Plus system operated in an AOP mode delivers superior results for destroying geosmin and MIB, which represent approximately 90% of T&O contaminants in drinking water. HiPOx Plus also controls the formation of bromate to meet today's strict regulatory standards, including the U.S. EPA’s Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule.”

The HiPOx Plus system combines ozone and hydrogen peroxide to form hydroxyl radicals, aggressive oxidants that react chemically with T&O compounds. During treatment, contaminants are rapidly converted into benign carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is vented off, while the cleansed water is discharged free of unwanted T&O contaminants. HiPOx Plus simultaneously removes a wide range of volatile organic compounds and micro-contaminants as well.

“Valuable added treatment benefits are provided by HiPOx Plus, such as reducing disinfection byproducts formed during chlorination,” said Dr. Reid Bowman, CTO and vice president of Research and Development at Applied. “A substantial portion of natural organic materials in the source waters are removed. As a result, lower concentrations of trihalomethanes and disinfection byproducts are exhibited.”

HiPOx Plus' reactor design enables it to be operated not only in an AOP mode, but also as an effective ozone contactor, or alternating between these two modes to achieve a variety of application-specific requirements. Multiple reagent injection and reaction points provide contaminant destruction and disinfection. In addition to fully engineered packaged treatment systems, HiPOx Plus can also be provided as a stand-alone reactor for easy integration with other equipment.

When operated in an AOP mode, HiPOx Plus reduces ozone dosing by 25 to 60%. As a result, operating costs are greatly reduced in comparison to traditional, ozone-only contacting systems.

HiPOx Plus ozone contacting efficiency exceeds 95% in commercial applications, which makes it economically attractive to use ozone-based AOP for a variety of T&O treatments.

Source: Applied Process Technology, Inc.

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