Aquatech Secures Order for FGD Wastewater Treatment ZLD

Feb. 21, 2006

Aquatech International Corp., a leader in the field of desalination, water reuse and zero liquid discharge, recently received a multimillion dollar Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) contract for the Mitigation of Boron from the Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Wastewater generated at the Dallman Power Plant in the city of Springfield, Ill.

Under this contract Aquatech will provide a ZLD system comprising of 2 x 60% Brine Concentrators followed by spray dryers that will treat FGD scrubber blow down and other waste streams generated at the Dallman coal fired power plant. At full load, the ZLD facility will treat wastewater generated by the existing unit and the new one under construction.

The primary intent of this ZLD System is to prevent discharge of boron-bearing wastewater streams into the local lake. These wastewater streams are generated from the plant’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system that is designed to reduce nitrogen oxide from the flue gases.

“This project signifies the strides that Aquatech has taken in meeting the coal fired power industry’s need for a cost effective Zero Liquid Discharge system. This is one of the first fully integrated ZLD systems on FGD wastewater streams in the United States,” said Manoj Sharma, Aquatech’s Sales Director, North America. “It is clearly indicative of a future trend in the industry and demonstrates the good corporate citizenship programs that today’s coal fired power plants are willing to pursue in generating cleaner power.”

Burns and McDonald of Kansas City are the owner’s engineers on the project overseeing the contract execution on behalf of the city of Springfield. Aquatech was awarded this contract pursuant to the competitive and public bid opening policies of the city of Springfield.

Source: Aquatech International Corp.