Enviro Voraxial Technology Enters $20 Billion Market for Food Processing Equipment

Jan. 25, 2006

Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. has entered into a representative agreement with We-Gel, LLC of Mississippi to promote the Voraxial Separator within the food processing industry. We-Gel operates a 12,000 sq ft facility for the assembly and testing of food processing systems to meet their clients’ requirements. We-Gel’s principals offer over 140 years of combined experience in the food processing industry and maintain valuable relationships with major food processors.

In addition, through We-Gel’s efforts, the company signed their first agreement to deploy a Voraxial 2000 Separator with a leading food processing company to extract fish oil from its processed water. One of the largest integrated seafood companies in the U.S. will be the first major food industry processor to evaluate the advanced capabilities of the Voraxial Separator. The company harvests and processes a variety of fish species aboard its sophisticated catcher-processor vessels, its freezer vessels and at its land-based processing facilities. The company maintains U.S. and international marketing networks.

“We have already received strong interest for Voraxial Separator applications from several food processing companies for liquid/liquid and liquid/solid separation,” stated Peter Bernegger, president of We-Gel, LLC.

The ability to efficiently separate waste, oil, solids and water has enormous economic and environmental consequences. This is as true for the food industry as it is for the oil exploration and production industry. In most cases, water is a large component of these input streams. It must be recovered and cleaned for reuse or safe return to the environment. The Voraxial Separator is capable of efficiently separating large volumes of water from other components in the processing stream, while significantly decreasing requirements for energy, weight, space and expense. The exceptional performance capabilities of its unique patented technology gives the Voraxial Separator a compelling, cost-effective advantage in most applications.

Source: Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc.