Siemens Expands Oil, Gas, Odor Control and Disinfection Businesses in Water Industry

Jan. 30, 2006

With the acquisition of Monosep Corp., Lafayette, La., and the odor control and disinfection businesses from Altivia Corp., Houston, Texas, the Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S) is expanding its business with water treatment systems for the oil and gas industry worldwide as well as with sales and applications in the odor control and disinfection markets in North America. With combined revenues of almost $50 million and 82 employees, both businesses will be integrated into the Water Technologies division of I&S, based in Warrendale, Pa.

“The acquisition of Monosep represents a cornerstone for our national and international growth with water treatment technology and services for the oil and gas industry,” said Dr. Roger Radke, head of the Siemens division Water Technologies. “The integration of Altivia´s specialized business with sales and applications of wastewater odor and corrosion control and disinfection will further increase Siemens’ number one position in these domestic markets.”

After the purchase and integration of the USFilter Corp. in August 2004, Siemens became one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment systems and services. Monosep’s cutting-edge technology will allow Siemens Water Technologies to expand its portfolio in the oil and gas sector “where we expect synergies with other Siemens activities in this business,” said Radke.

Monosep has installed more than 600 produced water treatment systems in 23 countries with a total daily treatment capacity of 4.81 million barrels per day. In addition, Monosep is one of the leading providers of water process and separation technology equipment and services, reverse osmosis systems and flowback services worldwide. “Increasing requirements for minimizing the environmental impact of produced water continue to enhance this segment of wastewater treatment,” said Radke.

The acquisition of Altivia´s wastewater odor and corrosion control and disinfection activities creates a larger business base in North America for Siemens Water Technologies. The businesses acquired include service contracts for more than 300 water and wastewater customers, technical and service personnel, patented technologies and manufacturing expertise for chlorine dioxide generators utilized in water disinfection. The acquisition will not include Altivia´s commodity chemicals or web-based global telemetry services.

With production facilities in Houston and St. Gabriel, La., Altivia Corp. is the largest supplier of chemical products and services to the municipal water treatment industry in North America, servicing over 500 municipalities and treating in excess of 5 billion gal of water per day. The new activities will join Siemens´ other odor control and disinfection businesses, which include the Davis Process, RJ Environmental and Wallace & Tiernan product lines.

Source: Siemens Water Technologies