Pure1 Systems Presents New Brochure, “Taste the Future of Bottled Water”

Jan. 18, 2006

Pure1 Systems, the developer of the Everfull self-filling bottle for purified water dispensing, released its new four page, four color brochure, “Taste the Future of Bottled Water,” as part of its Exclusive Dealership Marketing Program. The brochure describes the features and benefits of the unique Pure1 product line and its advantages over conventional bottled water. The brochure focuses on:

--changing the way companies hydrate their workforce;

--the convenience of tap water;

--the confidence of filtration;

--significant savings over bottled water;

--dependable service;

--the Pure1 difference; and

--innovators in water purification.

The brochure was designed for use by dealers to inform their customers of the Pure1 approach to filtered and purified water. The brochure joins the animated DVD “Bottled Water Cooler Strategy” as part of the comprehensive marketing program Pure1 Systems has developed. The brochure is customized with the logo and contact information of the dealer for his/her use. The brochure is available in both English and Spanish versions.

Source: Pure1 Systems