Anjou Recherche-Veolia Water of France to Evaluate ENPAR's AmmEL-HC and DesEL Technologies

Jan. 23, 2006

ENPAR Technologies, Inc., has entered into a three-party cooperation agreement with Anjou Recherche and Water Treatment and Technology SRL (2V2T), both of France. 2V2T is ENPAR's European distribution and sales representative. Under the agreement, Anjou Recherche will fund both the design and construction of AmmEL-HC and DesEL pilot units by ENPAR and the test program at Ecole Polytechique de Montreal, which is located in Montreal, PQ, Canada.

Anjou Recherche is the research center for Veolia Environment. It has received the European Commission's designation as a Marie-Curie Center of Excellence for its work on membranes, disinfection and modeling.

Anjou Recherche will conduct the evaluation over a period of six months. Following successful testing, ENPAR will have an opportunity to negotiate a commercial exclusivity agreement with Veolia Environment for the territories currently managed by 2V2T.

Dr. Gene Shelp, president and CEO of ENPAR Technologies, Inc., said, "We are extremely confident in our ability to provide state-of-the-art water treatment technologies that will continue to attract the interest of highly respected global corporations like Veolia Environment. Management is very excited about the company'sopportunities in 2006."

The AmmEL-HC System is proving to be an extremely effective system for directly converting toxic ammonia, which is found in high levels in municipal waste streams, into environmentally friendly nitrogen gas. The AmmEL-HC System will enable municipalities to achieve year-round compliance with government-mandated environmental standards and regulations.

The DesEL System is a proven alternative to conventional water treatment systems for removing both dissolved contaminants such as arsenic, mercury and nitrate, and other dissolved ions from industrial wastewater, process water and drinking water sources.

Source: ENPAR Technologies, Inc.