AquaCell Expands Water Cooler Advertising Program Beyond Retail

Jan. 16, 2006

AquaCell Technologies’ subsidiary, AquaCell Media, has expanded its water cooler advertising program beyond retail stores to hair salons and law offices. Currently, the hair salons are carrying ads for the new CBS comedy "Courting Alex," while Esquire Deposition Service, a Hobart West company, will be advertising on the coolers installed in law offices.

"'Coolertising' can be used to reach people out of home, especially where they congregate and any place they are waiting—where they become a captive audience," said Karen Laustsen, president of AquaCell Technologies. "Extending beyond retail to service-oriented professions increases the exposure of our 'Coolertising' program. Beauty salons and law offices are just two areas out of numerous opportunities into which we can expand our program."

"Coolertising," advertising with mini-billboards on water coolers, is a way for advertisers to reach a totally new market. The out-of-home segment of the advertising industry is growing, as advertisers need to find an alternative way to hold the consumer's attention long enough for the advertising message to have an impact.

Source: AquaCell Technologies