EYI Announces Replacement of Initial Shipment of Code Blue Filters

Dec. 29, 2005

EYI Industries, Inc., a marketer of products that promote well-being and a healthy lifestyle, announced that the initial shipment of 3,078 Code Blue filters delivered by Metals & Arsenic Removal Technology, Inc. in September 2005 do not meet EYI product specifications. EYI intends to replace all of these initial Code Blue filters starting January 2006.

EYI recently launched Code Blue, a consumer product that removes arsenic and other contaminates to a negligible level from drinking water. The portable water filtration product is exclusively provided to EYI.

Code Blue is an international provider of water treatment solutions, treating water for industrial, municipal and residential customers. Code Blue builds and markets filtration and treatment systems to remove harmful contaminants like arsenic, elements and compounds from potable water.

Source: EYI Industries, Inc.